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Bled, Velika Zaka, Center of sport and entertainment Inter Games Bled


14.06.2014 (from 13 pm)


7th celebration of the world juggling day / juggling workshops, juggling games, gala show and a fire spectacle.


Because people need good stories.

Once a year the world stops for a moment, gravity fails and smiles sneak on people’s faces. Once a year World juggling day is celebrated. This year, in honor of this joyful moment, we are organizing an all Slovene juggling celebration in Bled. In the beautiful surroundings of the jewel of Gorenjska.

World juggling day was created so that jugglers could share their knowledge among people and to bring jugglers all over the world closer together.

The idea of organizing World juggling day in Slovenia came from juggling club Žongler and under their watchful eye and with the help of other Slovenian juggling clubs we organized five successful events in Vir pri Domžalah.

This year the organization of the event was handed on to Čupakabra, a juggling and fire group from Gorenjska.

We are organizing World juggling day in Center of sport and entertainment Inter Games Bled, in Velika Zaka, Bled. The environment offers plenty of opportunities for recreation, entertainment, relaxation and swimming in the lake.

This year, just like in the years before, you will be able to enjoy the workshops and unravel the secrets of juggling and circus arts. Workshops for beginners and experienced enthusiasts will be guided by excellent jugglers, acrobats and masters of various circus arts.

Slovenian juggling scene will battle it out at the juggling games by performing various spectacular tricks that usually turn out to be very entertaining and fun. Different endurance tests in juggling battles are a real treat for the spectators as well as the ones who are participating in the games.

Is juggling a sport or is it art? You will be able to decide that for yourself while watching beautiful performances by the best Slovenian jugglers and circus performers in the Gala show. The competition for best trick will also be included in the evening Gala show, where we will be witness the best of the best and where the winner will be chosen by the audience. We will also share our burning passion for juggling with you in the spectacular Fire show.

We are creating memories for you on the shores of our jewel.